Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes – Amy Edmondson

Psychological safety in your work environment is built upon the positive experience and expectation that everyone in the organization challenges the status quo, brings the out of the box ideas to the table, contributes and discusses mistakes openly, without fearing negative consequences. According to the extended research Google published in (2016) Psychological Safety is an essential foundational component of a high performing team.

Psychological Safety: what does that englobe?

Psychological Safety describes a corporate climate in which you express your ideas and speak up freely without fear of being marginalized or punished. Psychological safety allows the team to show vulnerability in an environment safe for productive failure. It sparks innovative thinking, efficient teamwork and enhances the likelihood to develop a growth mindset. 

Psychologically safe workplaces: what do they promote?

Unleash the latent potential in your organization. Create a working environment where people feel comfortable to be their authentic selves, take risks, to bring out the best of themselves – building the foundation to high performing teams where innovation and creative thinking thrive.

The impacts of Psychological Safety for the company

Welcoming vulnerability

Psychological safety and vulnerability go hand in hand. When we challenge a decision or an approach, we are exposing ourselves, making ourselves vulnerable. Vulnerability strengthens connectivity, impacts creativity, creates a space for productive failure and provides the courage to deal with the discomfort of failure being an option.

High performing teams

Psychological safety is essential in typical workplace settings where there is interdependence and uncertainty. In a non-psychologically safe working environment employees will hold back, play it safe and potentially disengage. Teams with an environment of safety for risk-taking, disagreement, failure, boldness and authenticity are able to be creative, adapt to changes and be productive.


Psychological Safety creates a working environment in which people feel comfortable to take risks. Members who feel safe are more likely to discuss mistakes, exchange ideas, ask for and receive feedback, as well as experiment with new approaches. This is a key to fostering innovation resulting in increased productivity.

Increased employee satisfaction

A psychologically safe working environment creates a feeling of belonging, a sense of empowerment and a shared identity based on trust and will ultimately boost employee wellbeing, commitment and engagement.

Psychological safety: how do we reach it?

It all starts with context setting, followed by a baseline assessment to identify the status quo. The heart of it are our interactive workshops, reviewing and challenging the current working environment. A hands-on action plan with targeted prioritization and a repeat assessment will ultimately make your company and your most valuable resource – the people working in your organization – thrive. We are specialized in building psychologically safe workplaces. We offer tailored solutions to unlock your maximum potential.

Cecilia Juhlin

Your Expert for psychological safety

Cecilia Juhlin is a subject matter expert on organizational health topics like psychological safety, resilience and mental well-being. She specializes in organizational change, with a focus on leadership/ team development and effectiveness. She designed the first Psychological Safety Program in co-creation with colleagues in 2016 for a global pharmaceutical organization and has ever since then supported many, many  teams to increase their Psychological Safety. She is a clinical and organizational Psychologist and licensed Psychotherapist, a certified INSEAD Coach and Leadership Circle Profile and Collective Leadership Assessment Certified Coach. She is of Swedish origin with her work spanning over Switzerland, the USA and Singapore.

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