Mental health in business

More than meditation

Mental health in business has ushered in a new era. Preexisting workplace mental health challenges such as increasing burnout rates and sick-leaves, have been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, urging leaders to take a holistic approach. Embedding best practices for mental health in your culture significantly improves job satisfaction. Research estimates an impressive ROI of 4.25x for every dollar spent.

Health in the workspace: creating a culture of awareness

Mental health in business is a delicate subject. People suffering from mental health conditions often experience a sense of shame. Numerous fears often prevent them from talking about mental wellbeing in the workplace. For some the impact of stigma is worse than the symptoms. This calls for a solid mental health concept, where leaders are open to discussing wellbeing and encourage team members to learn and support each other by being personally involved. Addressing mental health challenges at an early stage will prevent longer sick-leaves and loss of productivity, as well as reduce human suffering.

Mental health in business: how can it be achieved?

Leaders have to build organizational and individual resilience, facilitate early intervention, and support recovery and employees’ return to work. The underlying success factor is to create a psychologically safe workplace where employees can talk about their mental health without fear of stigmatization. This is a working environment where people encounter each other from human to human independent from their roles. 

What will you get at the end of it

At CJG, we have the expertise to help you build solid mental health well-being cultures. Our mental wellbeing program yields at increasing awareness about mental health issues and supports de-stigmatization of mental health challenges. It aims at enabling employees to reach out at an early stage. Our solutions are tailor made, whatever challenges you are facing. From covering symptoms of burnout and how to prevent it, to other mental health issues like depression and anxiety disorder. Our workshops are interactive and informative and encourage leaders and employees to take another stance about mental wellbeing. It enables leaders and employees to feel more comfortable about having these kinds of conversations. 

Cecilia Juhlin

Your Expert for psychological safety

Cecilia Juhlin is a subject matter expert on organizational health topics like psychological safety, resilience and mental well-being. She specializes in organizational change, with a focus on leadership/ team development and effectiveness. She has designed Mental Health Wellbeing Awareness Programs in co-creation, piloted the roll-out and facilitated these programs for a global organization. She is a clinical and organizational Psychologist, licensed Psychotherapist, a certified INSEAD Coach and Leadership Circle Profile and Collective Leadership Assessment Certified Coach and a certified Mental Health Instructor. She is of Swedish origin with her work spanning over Switzerland, the USA and Singapore.

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