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To say that the business world has gained in complexity in times of globalization and technological progress would be an understatement. To think that the old leadership models can still be upheld in order to achieve the same results would be a big mistake.

In fact, while great leaders always have been trailblazers in their own respect, they must understand to leave the areas of strict command and control behind and nurture a more selfless style of leadership in today’s business. Indeed, leaders who shift their energy to building a psychologically safe workplace with diverse teams where vulnerability is not only accepted but encouraged will build more creative teams which on top of that will show stronger resistance to volatile and insecure times.

At CJG, we have the tools to help your leaders create compelling strategies and become cultural visionaries and catalysts.

Executive coaching: elevating others on their path to greatness

Our leadership development approach is grounded in an upfront analysis that helps leaders understand the mindset that drives their behaviors. We dig deep to get a thorough understanding of the motivation behind their actions. This allows leaders to have a more nuanced understanding of their strengths as well as their areas of potential future growth. 

Professional coaching: helping leaders thrive

At CJG Consulting, we work to nurture the leader’s growth through team interventions and/or coaching sessions where we challenge their beliefs which might limit their performance, expose blind spots, and ultimately support the leader in finding the path to a shift in their behaviors towards a more creative and innovative space. Doing so, we rely on the following proven method: 

360 Leadership Assessment

The unique 360 leadership assessment considers feedback from peers and team members unveiling underlying thought patterns and beliefs that drive a leader’s mindset and behavior.

It is the only assessment currently that measures two primary leadership domains: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. High scores in the Creative dimensions correlate to high levels of leadership effectiveness and business performance. 

The assessment reveals to leaders:

  • the degree to which their perceptions about themselves match or differ from others’ perceptions
  • if they tend to favor tasks over relationships or vice versa 
  • If they have certain “reactive” tendencies that may be impeding their overall leadership effectiveness 
  • their personal strengths they should capitalize on and further areas for growth and development 

What will you get at the end of it

Our diagnostic approach along with the advisory support of our seasoned external coaches ignites the spark for leaders to fully deploy their creative competencies and evolve as a transformational visionary. We will be at your disposal for further coachings and post assessments if needed.

Cecilia Juhlin

Your Expert for Leadership Development

Cecilia Juhlin specializes in organizational change, with a focus on leadership and team development and effectiveness. As a highly seasoned and passionate educator, her pedagogical capabilities include workshops, facilitation, and individual coaching. She is of Swedish origin with her work spanning over Switzerland, the USA and Singapore. Cecilia has designed and launched big scale Organizational Health Programs for a global pharmaceutical organization on the topic of psychological safety, resilience, and physical and mental well-being. She is a Leadership Circle Profile and Collective Leadership Assessment Certified Coach. 

Marco Gadola

Your Expert for Leadership Development

Marco Gadola has a strong executive record in a broad range of multinational corporations in the USA, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland, and is the former CEO of the Straumann Group. In his role as consultant, and Board member, he guides businesses and leaders in their development and draws on his expertise to support the strategic, financial and human aspects of their cultural transformation. Marco feels strongly about corporate culture as the key factor to drive sustainable business success and outstanding employer branding.

Our Clients


Global innovation leader in the manufacturing of medical devices and implants.


Global technology company reinventing productivity and the future of work.


Leading engineering & technological consulting services provider.

International Swiss Talent Forum

Connecting young talents with their peers and swiss expertise to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow's challenges.


Group of Swiss companies active in the automotive trade.

Other Services

Applying extensive expertise, the right tools, and a passion for the world of work, we provide the insight and development opportunities your people need.

  • Cultural Transformations

    Company culture can make or break even the best strategies. Today's ever-increasing customer demand, shifting market dynamics, and more competition require real and sustained change. Find out how culture can outpace your competition.

    Cultural Transformations
  • Business Diagnostics

    Understand your culture, leaders, and people. We identify and measure what is impactful and use these insights to shape your strategy of tomorrow.

  • Psychological Safety

    Unleash the latent potential in your organization. Create a working environment where people feel comfortable to be their authentic selves, take risks, do their best work - building the foundation to high performing teams where innovation and creative thinking thrive.

    Psychological Safety
  • Mental Health

    Corporate mental health has been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to the success of the organization to promote the mental health of the corporate culture so that employee satisfaction improves significantly.

    Mental Health

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