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You can only manage what you can measure

Unlike common belief, culture and leadership are quantifiable. At CJG Consulting, we identify and measure what is impactful and use these insights to shape your strategy for tomorrow – because sometimes, data says more than a thousand words.

Business diagnostics: evaluate and transform

Our business diagnostic options cover individual, team and organizational-wide cultural diagnostics to provide meaningful, actionable data for both the individual and the collective organization. It includes using both quantitative and qualitative data to systematically map your organization’s current and desired culture.

Psychological Safety Assessment: Feedback that matters

Building a psychologically safe workplace where team members can bring out the very best of themselves, unencumbered by fears and anxieties that constrain them, is an essential foundational component for taking risks, innovation, divergent thinking and the most reliably shared trait of a high performing team. Our Psychological Safety Assessment and interactive workshops empower you to embark on a journey of an agile culture driven by innovation.

Collective Leadership Assessment: A story of success

“Effective, collective leadership is your one competitive and strategic advantage that no one can copy.” Dave Schrader, PhD

Your leaders are the foundation of your culture. Business results of an organization depend primarily on the leadership effectiveness of the top leaders. Our Collective Leadership Assessment delivers a powerful snapshot of your leadership culture, revealing valuable data where you as a team stand, your areas of strength and those to be enhanced, based on your aspirations.

Leadership Circle Profile: Certified coaches

Leadership is not a one dimensional skill. A multitude of intertwined components make its measurement a complex task. The Leadership Circle Profile is a unique 360 degree feedback tool that incorporates feedback from peers to evaluate leadership skills, key competencies and overall effectiveness. Shining a light on underlying thinking patterns that drive a leader’s behavior becomes a catalyst for leaders to re-invent themselves amidst ever-changing, fickle market conditions.

Cecilia Juhlin

Your Expert for Business Diagnostics

Cecilia Juhlin specializes in organizational change, with a focus on leadership and team development and coaching of high performing teams. As a highly seasoned and passionate educator, her pedagogical capabilities include workshops, facilitation, and individual coaching. Cecilia has designed and launched big scale Organizational Health Programs for a global pharmaceutical organization on the topic of psychological safety, resilience, and physical and mental well-being. She is a Leadership Circle Profile and Collective Leadership Assessment Certified Coach and has vast experience in using the LCP 360 tool with people leaders and teams from all over the world. 

Marco Gadola

Your Expert for Business Diagnostics

Marco Gadola has a strong executive record in a broad range of multinational corporations in the USA, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland, and is the former CEO of the Straumann Group. In his role as consultant, and Board member, he guides businesses and leaders in their development and draws on his expertise to support the strategic, financial and human aspects of their cultural transformation. Marco feels strongly about corporate culture as the key factor to drive sustainable business success and outstanding employer branding. He is an INSEAD certified Coach and LCP certified coach. 

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Global innovation leader in the manufacturing of medical devices and implants.


Global technology company reinventing productivity and the future of work.


Leading engineering & technological consulting services provider.

International Swiss Talent Forum

Connecting young talents with their peers and swiss expertise to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow's challenges.


Group of Swiss companies active in the automotive trade.

Other Services

Applying extensive expertise, the right tools, and a passion for the world of work, we provide the insight and development opportunities your people need.

  • Cultural Transformations

    Company culture can make or break even the best strategies. Today's ever-increasing customer demand, shifting market dynamics, and more competition require real and sustained change. Find out how culture can outpace your competition.

    Cultural Transformations
  • Leadership Development

    The right people in the right place. Effective and inspiring leadership is one of the greatest forces to move your company forward. We can assess, direct, and develop your leaders of tomorrow.

    Leadership Development (fehlt noch)
  • Psychological Safety

    Unleash the latent potential in your organization. Create a working environment where people feel comfortable to be their authentic selves, take risks, do their best work - building the foundation to high performing teams where innovation and creative thinking thrive.

    Psychological Safety
  • Mental Health

    Corporate mental health has been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to the success of the organization to promote the mental health of the corporate culture so that employee satisfaction improves significantly.

    Mental Health

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